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the baby is here

Bronx Mowgli Wentz?

Hell. Yes.

yes we can.

today was one of the most important days in my collegiate life. We were gathered around our little television that stands on a fridge and we heard Obama speak about the youth rising up against the stereotype of apathy for our political culture and it just all came rushing out. Holding my friends' hands and hugging and crying with utter joy, that feeling of accomplishment in the face of difficulty. That's what it means to vote, that's what it means to be an adult.

my favorite things

I feel lame for not posting here that often, but I really am a full-time student hence my lack of time to do anything beyond my school responsibilities. and sometimes I don't even get those done because, well, sleeeep.

So tonight is Halloween and for the first time in my LIFE I am not going out to do anything. There are a couple parties but honestly I am just feeling like I'm thisclose to getting sick (again!) I have a cough and a headache and body aches from all the coughing and oh my GOD I just hate it when people talk about how sick they are and how they're getting sick again, but I swear to god, I'm not being a lameass and talking about my poor health in a feel-sorry-for-me manor! I'm a healthy person for the most part but blah. Sometimes I just need to be real with what's going on.

Would you guys like to know about what's going on in my life? I'm so mysterious! I'll try to make some categories under different cuts and hey! maybe you'll be interested in my world for a few minutes.

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this Halloween is a total bust. I just want to go to sleep.

You've all seen the "It's Almost Halloween" video from our dearest Panic, correct? get on that shit if you haven't

Is it weird that I have such strange fantasies of Panic (specifically Jon and Spencer) getting TRASHED so that they can do their dancing in their costumes? Because you know that part towards the end when Spencer FLAILY FALLS over that tree root and is all smiley like it doesn't matter that he almost broke his neck in the forest? You think that's like, two shots in? three beers? AND THEN there is that part where RyantheSkinnyMummy is singing to the camera at that party and DRUNK DANCING JON dressed like Frankenstein is grooving in the background with some lady and then DANCES OVER TO RYANtheSKINNYMUMMY with a beer and dances all up on him. so great!! And then Brendon is mysteriously not in much of the party scenes (because clearly Shane shot the video and was all "Yo, I'm looking out for my bro who is entertaining a lady friend elsewhere") because oh my god in both shots he's talking to a group of girls and his body language is all "heh. threesome?"

also, there's this AMAZING video. just. wow. you have to watch it.

and then there is FOB being wonderful and FAD-promoting and Pete about to raise a little family! So much to rejoice about! So good to be a FOB fan.

Sadness about Chris Faller leaving The Hush Sound though. I guess this makes my primer...not as cool?

I guess that's kind of all I have to say. I bought a bag of reese's so in the spirit of Halloween, I'm going to eat a couple and then pass out. hurrah.


for something big.


hanson concert on friday? hell. yes.

overheard in the library

frat boy to his frat bros: Yeah I just, ever since, I've just found myself looking so hard at dudes.

school is going well, as you can tell.

update in anger

the real problem here is that I AM THE ONLY ROOMMATE WHO EVER HAS HOMEWORK EVER. I swear to you, both of my roommate do SQUAT in terms of homework. Maybe 4 hours a week for FOUR COLLEGE CLASSES. Yet I have at least two hours nightly on a really awesomely light day. WHYYYY life?! I feel like I'm the only one who does any work at all! How this matters is totally stupid because my degree, my work and effort, blahblah. I just was schooled in a system of excellence and challenge paired with leadership and commitment. But this is me speaking of the girl that ran away from recruitment weekend because she "didn't feel good" and the other who graduated with 14 peers.

it takes all kinds, I keep telling myself.

damn you look good

and I'm drunk. i played frisbee with metro station. whhaaaaaaat

what is up in my world

+college is winding me up right now. I've got papers and exams and roommate problems and greek obsession. Trying to get myself to behave right for the sake of it

+I am super obsessed with like, all things greek. all I want to do is write frat!verse fic but ugh, time. where have you gone?

+service learning is freaking hardddd on my mentality. Philosophy is difficult, like I thought it would be.

+my hair is too long. getting it cut on thursday

+driving to Louisiana this weekend to participate in the lit. festival and collect my winnings. not really ready to be gone this weekend. especially since I'm missing Rites of Spring and Rites to Play. :( three more opportunities though, so it's all good.

+obsessed with Punk Goes Crunk. specifically the Say Anything cover of "I Got Your Money" and the Forever the Sickest Kids cover of "Men in Black." AMAZING, people, AMAZING!

+Memphis just lost the NCAA final game. sad face for serious. The game was great until like, the last two minutes. Free throws? wtf guys. riots in Memphis? maybe. good thing I'm locking myself in my dorm room.

+waking up early tomorrow, and since it's 11:12 my time, I'm getting started on that homework and freaking SLEEPING. yarg