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what is up in my world

+college is winding me up right now. I've got papers and exams and roommate problems and greek obsession. Trying to get myself to behave right for the sake of it

+I am super obsessed with like, all things greek. all I want to do is write frat!verse fic but ugh, time. where have you gone?

+service learning is freaking hardddd on my mentality. Philosophy is difficult, like I thought it would be.

+my hair is too long. getting it cut on thursday

+driving to Louisiana this weekend to participate in the lit. festival and collect my winnings. not really ready to be gone this weekend. especially since I'm missing Rites of Spring and Rites to Play. :( three more opportunities though, so it's all good.

+obsessed with Punk Goes Crunk. specifically the Say Anything cover of "I Got Your Money" and the Forever the Sickest Kids cover of "Men in Black." AMAZING, people, AMAZING!

+Memphis just lost the NCAA final game. sad face for serious. The game was great until like, the last two minutes. Free throws? wtf guys. riots in Memphis? maybe. good thing I'm locking myself in my dorm room.

+waking up early tomorrow, and since it's 11:12 my time, I'm getting started on that homework and freaking SLEEPING. yarg

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