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my favorite things

I feel lame for not posting here that often, but I really am a full-time student hence my lack of time to do anything beyond my school responsibilities. and sometimes I don't even get those done because, well, sleeeep.

So tonight is Halloween and for the first time in my LIFE I am not going out to do anything. There are a couple parties but honestly I am just feeling like I'm thisclose to getting sick (again!) I have a cough and a headache and body aches from all the coughing and oh my GOD I just hate it when people talk about how sick they are and how they're getting sick again, but I swear to god, I'm not being a lameass and talking about my poor health in a feel-sorry-for-me manor! I'm a healthy person for the most part but blah. Sometimes I just need to be real with what's going on.

Would you guys like to know about what's going on in my life? I'm so mysterious! I'll try to make some categories under different cuts and hey! maybe you'll be interested in my world for a few minutes.

So I'm in like, four million classes. Not really. But I am taking many. Southern Literature, Intro to Chinese, Ancient Philosophy, Adv. Poetry and a Practicum for the Philosophy of Education class I took last year. 18 hours, not bad. There's also work study and sorority and being a good friend and Assistant Editor for the Lit Journal and the site coordinator for the elementary school I tutor at and VP of Chapter Development in my sorority and....is that all?

...needless to say this semester has been an interesting time in my life. But it's getting closer to that time in my life when I'm starting to do things I really enjoy a lot, so it's a fair trade off. I feel like I could do a lot more sometimes because I totally put off projects and assignments till a really inconvenient time. And by then I'm usually tired and my roommates have turned off the lights and it's hard. But I'm managing?

Southern Lit is great. My professor is really great and my class is fun and I feel smart most days because anyone (not just english majors) can take that class and sometimes people don't exactly smell what the professor is cooking. We've read Faulkner and Welty and Stark Young and Margaret Walker and ahhhh, Carson McCullers. soooo in love with Carson McCullers.

chinese is probably my hardest class just because it's another language. I can speak it soooo much better than I can write it. But class is generally enjoyable. Our prof is really into our study of the language, so she's very involved in what we're doing and how we're going. Haven't had someone like that in a while.

philosophy is tricky because I do like philosophy as a general subject, but ancient is rather boring to me. I'm just not all that interested, mostly. But I want to major in philosophy? I guess?

poetry is AMAZING. there are three people in my class. it's more like a tutorial than a class. so we really get to talk a lot and have a lot of workshop time. all women, so it's excellent.

practicum is alright. we only meet once a week but yeah, I'm pretty bad at actually getting shit done for it.

alpha awesome. I can truly say that the sorority is one of the best activities I'm involved in. We have our issues, but I love it so! Some of my best friends are in it and it's great to be bound to them in such a cool way. I have a little sister now who is really sweet and wonderful. There was some little/big drama at the beginning of the year but that's just what happens when girls are expected to come to a conclusion and a few MORE girls are expected to be happy with what they are given in a last-minute-pressure decision. Whatever. It all worked out for most of us and it's fine. I love my little a lot and she's not trouble or bitchy or anything horrendous in the slightest.

I'm also VP of Chapter Development AND Asst. Philanthropy Chair right now so that's exciting. I LOVE VPCD. It's my fav position. But I also love being the philanthropy assistant. We had a philanthropy event the other day where we trick-or-treated for change and made over $500 which is awesome. Especially since last year we made about $40 for our philanthropy (Arthritis research, specifically Juvenile Arthritis.)

ugh. just. ugh. today is a bad day to type/talk about this because I'm currently a bit annoyed for various reasons. I basically just want to be out of my room. or at least have a little more privacy/say in what goes on. I just feel like I am not always excited to be in my room. Maybe I'm just not up for being cooperative right now because I kind of just want to go to sleep and not have like, the worry of bothering people with my coughing or the fact that the lights are all off and they are watching a movie and I am expected to what, watch it also? idk. I just realize how different all three of us are, so I'm ready to be with some different people.

pretty awesome as far as it goes. I wrote a poem I'm really proud of the other day, so that's an awesome feeling. I have a journal, greatandstrong, that I post poetry in so check it out if you're ever interested.

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do on wednesday, November 5th. Especially if McCain wins. I can't even predict how crushed I will be. I'm so ready for Obama to be president that I practically consider him such already. It's weird how split my college is though!! Usually colleges are more liberal places but mine is so moderate!

It's really that simple. Obama or....I move abroad.

this Halloween is a total bust. I just want to go to sleep.

You've all seen the "It's Almost Halloween" video from our dearest Panic, correct? get on that shit if you haven't

Is it weird that I have such strange fantasies of Panic (specifically Jon and Spencer) getting TRASHED so that they can do their dancing in their costumes? Because you know that part towards the end when Spencer FLAILY FALLS over that tree root and is all smiley like it doesn't matter that he almost broke his neck in the forest? You think that's like, two shots in? three beers? AND THEN there is that part where RyantheSkinnyMummy is singing to the camera at that party and DRUNK DANCING JON dressed like Frankenstein is grooving in the background with some lady and then DANCES OVER TO RYANtheSKINNYMUMMY with a beer and dances all up on him. so great!! And then Brendon is mysteriously not in much of the party scenes (because clearly Shane shot the video and was all "Yo, I'm looking out for my bro who is entertaining a lady friend elsewhere") because oh my god in both shots he's talking to a group of girls and his body language is all "heh. threesome?"

also, there's this AMAZING video. just. wow. you have to watch it.

and then there is FOB being wonderful and FAD-promoting and Pete about to raise a little family! So much to rejoice about! So good to be a FOB fan.

Sadness about Chris Faller leaving The Hush Sound though. I guess this makes my primer...not as cool?

I guess that's kind of all I have to say. I bought a bag of reese's so in the spirit of Halloween, I'm going to eat a couple and then pass out. hurrah.


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Nov. 2nd, 2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
I'll be moving abroad as well, you can go to France because you're good at it, I'll go to Spain, it shall be grand.

but I cannot believe the sheer tiny-ness of your poetry class! and I like that your Chinese prof cares! that's rad.

and poor Chris, that's still a shocker.

and that video made my Friday morning epic.
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